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Help for Flood Victims in Rio Grande do Sul

Written by: Joachim Steffen, Friedberg, Bavaria

In recent weeks, Rio Grande do Sul has been devastated by severe flooding, affecting numerous communities. Having lived in Porto Alegre with my family, I have many friends there. During our time there, we experienced immense warmth and genuine friendship. Now, I want to give back in light of the tragedy that has struck this beautiful state of Brazil. While governmental institutions and NGOs are doing remarkable work, there are still many areas in urgent need of additional support.

My good friend Ademir de Matos—a lawyer and entrepreneur from Osório who has lived in Porto Alegre for decades—has taken it upon himself to help fill this gap. Since the onset of the flood disaster, Ademir has been organizing private relief efforts, supported by his family, friends, and volunteers. His commitment goes beyond immediate emergency aid; he is determined to continue providing support even after the waters recede and media attention wanes.

Ademir and his family are not directly affected by the flood, as their house is situated on a hill. However, this motivates him even more to help others. I have known Ademir very well for thirteen years, and I am aware of his reliability, practical entrepreneurial spirit, and absolute trustworthiness. Therefore, I support his efforts personally and aim to assist him in raising financial support abroad to help even more affected individuals.

The next phase of disaster relief involves cleaning, clearing, and repairing damaged homes. This requires cleaning supplies, tools, materials, diesel, and much more.

How You Can Help: Every donation, big or small, makes a difference. Your contribution goes directly to the Wise account of Günther, the son of Ademir de Matos, from where he ensures that the funds are effectively used to aid the victims of this disaster. On our shared website here, you can track how each received amount is used—transparently and traceably. All received donations are (anonymously) registered here, and expenses are precisely listed. All money is used directly for flood relief purposes. There are no administrative costs or similar expenses.

Your support brings hope and necessary aid to those who need it most. God bless the givers and the gifts.

Donation Account:
Account holder: Günther Martins Simon de Matos
ACH and wire routing number: 026073150
Account number: 8314426378
Account type: Checking
Wise address: 30 W. 26th Street, Sixth Floor
New York, NY 10010
United States
Purpose: Flood Relief RS